Welding Exercise 33B

Objective: T- Joint, Using Short Circuiting Metal Arc Transfer 220V GMAW in the Vertical Up, Vertical Down Positions

Setup: Using a properly set up and adjusted GMA welding machine, proper safety equipment, .035 diameter wire, and metal prepared according to plan, you will weld a T- joint.

Procedure: Starting with the machine set at the welding machine manufactures recommendation  For Vertical Up start at the bottom of the plate and hold the gun at a slight pushing or upward angle. Maintain 1/4 to 3/8" from gun nozzle to work piece. If the molten puddle is large and fluid use a "C" or "J" pattern to allow a longer time to cool. If the molten pool is small use a small "C," zigzag, or "J" pattern. 

For Vertical Down start at the top of the plate holding the gun with a sight dragging angle (30-45deg) Maintain 3/8 to 1/2" from gun nozzle to work piece. The weld can be made with or without a weave pattern. A "C" pattern should be used if a weave is desired. The "C" should follow the leading edge of the weld. Changes in gun angle may help with penetration. Experiment with the gun angle as you are welding to find what works best for you.

Observation:  Inspect the joints for width, buildup, molten weld pool size, spatter, and penetration. Record your observations on a Student Welding Report.